MMA Complete Bundle

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All of our MMA sets include a gum shield.

Designs may vary between “Ultra MMA” and “Ultra” branding.

MMA Gloves

Ultra MMA gloves provide the same protection as 16oz boxing gloves. They are fingerless with a protective hood to prevent eye poking/gouging.

The design may vary between "Ultra MMA" or "Ultra" branding.

Shin Guards

Technologically backed Shin Protectors are just what MMA participants should be looking for. Ultra MMA shin protectors are made using the highest quality materials and are thoroughly tested and very affordable.

Groin Guard

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MMA Gloves

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Shin Guards

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Groin Guard

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16 reviews for MMA Complete Bundle

  1. Giacomo Galano (verified owner)

  2. Karol Bujak (verified owner)

  3. Matthew Davis (verified owner)

    Great bundle! Gym shield easy to mould with instructions and the gloves and shin pads fit great , really comfy when training.

  4. James Fry (verified owner)

    Great quality kit for a very reasonable price! Heavily recommend to anybody looking to purchase

  5. Troy Cole (verified owner)

  6. Craig Hull (verified owner)

    Pukka set

  7. Bayley Rylance (verified owner)

    Extremely fast delivery, very comfortable and excited to use it in training, very well priced too

  8. Liam Williams (verified owner)

  9. Sam Paget (verified owner)

  10. Elisha Clarke (verified owner)

  11. Gary Knight (verified owner)

    Good kit perfect for the training

  12. Stephen Potter (verified owner)

  13. Shaun Kavanagh (verified owner)

    Quality product to get used to kit will be wearing

  14. Daniel


  15. Tom B

    All the kit I needed to get started with my training, decent price too!

  16. Zac

    Good price

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