MMA Gloves


Ultra MMA gloves provide the same protection as 16oz boxing gloves. They are fingerless with a protective hood to prevent eye poking/gouging.

The design may vary between “Ultra MMA” or “Ultra” branding.

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SMALL 15-19 5.9-7.4
MEDIUM 19-21 7.4-8.2
LARGE 21-23 8.2-9
X-LARGE 23 + 9+

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12 reviews for MMA Gloves

  1. Giacomo Galano (verified owner)

  2. Mateusz Koralewski (verified owner)

  3. Karol Bujak (verified owner)

  4. James Fry (verified owner)

  5. Troy Cole (verified owner)

  6. Craig Hull (verified owner)

  7. Bayley Rylance (verified owner)

    Easy to get on, effective, comfortable

  8. Liam Williams (verified owner)

    I like the concept of the fingers being covered but to me it just didn’t feel right

  9. Sam Paget (verified owner)

  10. Elisha Clarke (verified owner)

  11. Gary Knight (verified owner)

  12. Stephen Potter (verified owner)

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